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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day Out..

Today after class actually i plan to go Bkt Bintang but Ryan offered to do me a favour. So my Utar Friend all following on the ride. At first we went to Pavillion, then Star Hill, Sg Wang then back to Pavillion again. So we took some photo of the places as they had prepared themselve to receive the almighty celebration, Christmas. The decoration is such wonderful and the feeling is such gorgeous.


Then after that Jared and i follow the driver, Mr Ryan Chan back to his house. While we were waiting for him to change his clothes and take his shower, we FOUND a box. As we were getting curious, we opened it and found out it was all his toys. If jus toys we don't feel any funny because every children play toys during their childhood. We observed that the toys are all broken. I mean like OKU. Is either without a hand, a leg o a head. I feel pity to the toys. The worst one is we found the soft toys is blind. WONDERING WHERE HE HIDE THE EYES...Let me shows you..

After that i had a meal at his house. This was the first time i took home cook food as dinner. Rice, meat, vegetable and soup. Such an long time i had not been eating this since i left my hometown for future studies. So it was an wonderful dinner. 

Lastly, i want to thanks to Ryan, the driver, Jen Shen, the road guide, Reno and Jared, my accompanian. Thanks for the time shared out to accompanied me for the MISSION. Thanks a lot.. Today was a unexpected and memorable day. Opss, thanks to Ryan's mum for the dishes. I enjoyed a lot.