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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is around the corner... Let's countdown!!

Today, quiet a boring hot day. Nothing to do just sleep, eat, sleep and eat. So, after having brunch, i went to Mid Valley. So, suprisingly the setting of christmas trees is all over the empty spaces at south court, north court and also center court. People are snatching photo with the breathtaking christmas tree as if can smell the christmas is coming. 25 days to go.. let's count down together to celebrate this marvellous and gorgeous festival and celebration. Santa claus is coming to town.....

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today, i went to Times Square to spend my time. So when i reached the 6th floor, i just realised that today having audition for the program 'ONE IN A MILLION'. A lot of ppl crowded and squeezing there. At first i thought there is fight there so i went there to kepo a while. Hmmm... i think too much.. Ha Ha...Outside the reegistration room is crowded but who knows, inside also crowded. If they all can really perform well, at least better a bit, but if go in without performing well, better balik kampung tanam padi.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Today, UTAR, PA 004 had kindly present the duet. The ultimate twin tower in TD1. A live show had shown glamorously. It had been the best performance i ever seen throughout this two semester in UTAR. Everytime, we will just know how to say Kah Hong no balls. Today, he prove to everyone, HE GOT THE BALLS... This happen as their team lose in the game. We lead 2 marks ahead so we got the right to choose two from the other group. Very suprisingly and FORTUNATELY, Kah Hong and Dilion were selected. We gave three options, 1st-Dance(tango), 2nd-Sing, 3rd-Hug for 10 secs. So they had chosen sing. Even thought i don't know what they are mumbling about but i knew they enjoyed alots, no matter to the DUET or the audience.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stupid fire drill...

Hmmm... as you guys knew that i am suffering from the sprained ankle. So today, during the pratical, the FIRE DRILL held out. Imagine i walked so slow and yet had to walk such a long distance to the assemble area. Haiz... So stupid!!! Everyone seems very excited when the emergency bell rang. I don't know the feeling as fire drill usually carry out at the primary school. the picture below shows the scene today. 


Actually he is a lady boy. The first sight i look at him, F$#K!!! i want to vomit. i don't know how to explain. He is totally man face woman body. Link for more info.

Christmas is coming...

Today is just like other wednesday, dismiss classes at 2.oopm. So after class we went to sunway piramid. Even CHRISTMAS is just around one month from now, but can obviously see and feel that everyone is anxious of the coming of the mighty celebration. This are the CHRISTMAS trees that were decorated and set up at the main entrance of piramid. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A hard day to be gone through..

It had been so suffered for this schooling day. With a injured ankel is already more than enough but just now before the class end, Ms Tan decided to give us back the chemistry II test one paper. I was trembling and so nervous about my results. As time pass by, the heart beating more and more fast, until the moment got my paper, i was stunned. OMG!!!! i failed... DISAPPOINTED..... So i was so moody sitting down, counting the mark see whether is there any chance to get one more mark to pass the paper. Finally, argueing and loso-ing at Ms Tan, finally.... another 1.5 marks is added. Thanks God.. Or else i think i will be so down for the following hours till i sleep tonight. I got to pia(more hardworking) o else next time won't be so lucky...

Monday, November 24, 2008

50 bucks eh!!!! HEART PAIN.....

I think i just not suitable for futsal. I went for several games which cause me with several injuries. First time, at my hometown, Kuching, i went futsal with my gang, end up having bruise and purple coloured nail on my both thumb on both my legs. Second time, i went futsal near my school, end up having big bruise somewhere below my knee. Today, as usual, class end up early, so we went for a game at SP CORNER. Just a few minutes after the game start off, i sprain my ankle. WHAT THE HELL!!! It had been such a long time i didn't sprain my leg since the last time during the international jogathon. Even it is pain but i thought it will be alright after a while. So i continues my game. As time passed by. the pain getting worst. So i stopped my game and have a rest. So after the session i decided to go for doctor consultation. Ya, every SIFU will just action action. this SIFU acted very professional. Explaining very fluently. After the treatment, he paste a piece of stupid herbs on my ankel, i thought will just cost me 20 to 30 bucks. But, the price is over my expectation, RM50 eh.... Walao, my jaw drops. i was wondering why so expensive. Then he kept explain and pusing. I got fed up and just end up paying 50. An 'UNFORGETABLE' experience. I LOVE FUTSAL BUT FUTSAL DON'T LOVE ME....


This is the stupid deeds of stupid friends during break. The mixture contain leftover milo, soya sauce, peppers, indian curry sauce(roti canai leftover), daal(kind of indian curry) and egg shell. It's such disgusting men! Guess what.... My friends Kesavan, taste it... I wondering how is the taste. He taste it! Somehow it takes courage and brave to try it. Don't ever try it.....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

6 to 10 Grill

It was a nice place especially for family gathering or dinner... Since i was holding up a Mr Lonely post today, so i visited 6 to 10 Grill for my dinner. There are various of choices including lamb, beef, chicken, fish or seafood. So just now i made a tried on the fish & chips. Even it is just a normal dishes but i think the taste is just wonderful for me. So anyone anytime can pay a visit to the 6 to 10 Grill.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The perfect pair

They are my classmate at university. I wonder is their favourite pastime playing and making jokes. This is taken during the break time before english class. They seems very gay but somehow they are very gentlemen. An indian n a china man.

The taiwanese sausage

The night before the chemistry test, everyone gather at Jen Shen house for a group study. So, as the night is still so young, so Reno and Ryan went out and brought back the taiwan sausage. As it is so nice and maybe it was the first taste of some of them, so they ask Ryan for a ride and to the place name Ming Tien. Without knowing, Jenshen make the order. When the sausage is done, whoah!!! i got shocked that he bought super spicy flavour. i was wondering how hot would it be, maybe is just like chili sauce. So i didn't ask much about it. When reach home, the nightmare had arrived. Everyone with full of anxious and excitement towards the SUPER SPICY. Everyone holding one stick each and ate together. At first is just hot, after a couple of second, the spicy demon had conquer all the lips and tongues in the house. Searching for water, some still rush their tongue and lips with pipe water.. It was seriously spice as tears of man in the house rolling down. It was a NICE try. So, whoever feel to try it, visit SS24, petaling jaya.. Gerald

Jen Shen
Zhi Hong
Ming Poh
The China Man-Mengzzz

Yu Zhong live in Jaya One

It is quite a suprise that concert can just be organise in such place. Even it is not a high class place but somehow let me have a chance to see the concert. The only description i can use is NO REGRET. You know why? Shela Majid is on stage. So, this was the first time i saw her. Quite a pretty outlook, most important is she had a very powerful voice. Nice! So, the no REGRET also refer to the time, i think is worth. But unfortunately next day having test so i just manage to enjoy their masterpiece, MELODY.