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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Singapore Trip - Part I

Day before power system i was day dreaming whole day long, thinking about how Singapore looks like, how am i going to reach the places my relatives stay, how if i don't have the time to change some Singapore dollar before depart, how if i lost in the half way and no one to contact...

After power system exam, without delaying, i filled up my empty stomach and started my journey to Puduraya, bus terminal. So, once i reached there, squeezing among the crowded and finally get to a ticket counter and bought a ticket. So i asked them where will the bus will stop? They said Beach road, which is Bugis. So i nodded and said ok and walked to the bus platform. I realized that the bus plat number doesn't match to the one that wrote on the ticket, so i asked them to reconfirmed is it ahead to Singapore, and they said yes. So without confusing myself, ok.... just take it and go. When reach to a stop, they ask me to change to another bus, yes!! This bus got the same plate number as written. Unfortunately, they said only to Woodland, which is the custom of Singapore, Shyt!!! All i got in my wallet is just $2. Argh!!! No more thinking, just go ahead and reach woodland. After asking some Singapore resident, they teach me way to proceed to nearest MRT station. I step into the bus, i was looking at the driver but he gave no reaction at all, so i just sat and get off from the bus when reached the station. Realize something going on? I took a free ride.. hahaz...!Went to the station and asked the price towards Somerset station, $3 sir.... Ops.. Kurang satu ringgit pula. Siap aku! Went to a kind man and finally changed some dollar with my ringgit malaysia. Thanks bro!!

Reached station, to the left, unknown. To the right, unknown. Just knew that my aim is orchard road, so i just go along the road and stand at the junction. Looking for the apartment, asking around, but all wasn't local. So terpaksa, went into the mall, ask the security, and yes! Got the way to the apartment. Standing in front the door of 0909, don't know whether to press the bell or not to, ok.. just try will do.... Ding dong... oh yes... got my way...... Thanks God...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coming up!

Just got back from Singapore few minutes before, stay tune and will be posting some photo and blog post soon about trip to Singapore. Even it is just a few days but kind of enjoying and visited most of the place and destination i wished to step on...


Friday, December 11, 2009

Colour Me Corby!!

For others, they might describe their life as colorful like a rainbow, sparkling like a stars, gorgeous like a sun, shinny like moon.... But for me, life just have to be plain. No war, no injury, no argument, no fight, no discrimination, no insulting among humans, that would be more than enough. My life is just full of laughter, full of entertainment, shouldn't it be rainbow color? Perhaps, i prefer white than any other color. White always make me feel safe and secure. For most of the event, most of the activity, white will always be my choice. So, white will always be my favorite color and nevertheless, my lucky color.