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Friday, December 5, 2008

1st anniversary

4/12/2008, a special day for us, a grand day, special day to be celebrated, our anniversary. 1 year had just passed, just a glance. Actually it just passed so fast, it just seems like everything just started for finger counting months. Plenty and plenty of obstacles and challenges we had been gone through throughout this 12 months sharp. So, yesterday was a school day so celebration cannot be carried out so early. After class, we depart to a restaurant named JOGOYA. Hmmm... a very nice and special place, nicely decorated and served gourmet of foods in different types of style. It is quite costy but they were celebrating their anniversary also so they giving out promotion for every meal. The foods were so tasty and kind of finger-licking good. But nothing else is more important than satisfactory of us. Yeah, we really enjoyed the foods and also really appreciate all the while and all the time going through. Not only that night but is for always. Readers, remember, once you hold his/her hand, please appreciate what you got and do not release your hand easily as love is a kind of miracle. So they will just come once and this may be the only chance. They may come to you this life, but does not guarantee for the future life. So please APPRECIATE whoever is around you now. 


mymemory said...

I really appreciated A LOT for what you did, no matter is last night or for the previous months..

I know it is a bit costly...I duno wat can say too...

In short, THANKS!!!