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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

14th Kuching Scout Group

3 months ago

Board of committee was set up
Members were nominated
Structure was plan
Patrol was divided
Job was done

2 months ago
Training was started
Members were sacrificing
With sweats
With teardrops
With injuries
With wound
With full of anxiety

1 month ago
Everything turned into a mess
Full of comments and discouragement
Full of unexpected incidents
Everything were out of tought

3 weeks ago
Spirit was back
With the blessing of Baden Powell
With the care of God
Everything started to go smooth

2 weeks ago
With full-hearted of spirit
With a full-filled anxiety
Everything seems to be ready
For the competition
For the trophy
For the challenges

1 week ago
An unexpected incident happen
With tears
With fire-hearted
Fighting for the chance
Fighting for the leader
Fighting for the trophy

An unbelievable mystery
A glory day for 14th
A greedy day for 14th
A day that change 14th
A champion day for 14th
A proud and memorable day for 14th

Thinking the wonderful moment of yesterday
The moment when the result is announced
The moment when situation is full of cheers
The moment when touches the trophy
The moment when the photo is taken
The moment when everyone changes their impression

Is a gift
A gift that means a lot
As a return
For your effort
For your tears
For your sweats
For your sacrifices

A success is made
A time to maintain
Not for the champion
Not for the standard
Is for the spirit
Is for the system
Is for the heart
Is for the scouting light in the heart
Is for 14th family

For all the champions
Yes! You are the one
The gorgeous one
The record holders

I gonna salute
To all of you
All the champions
All the service team
For the presents
For the happiness
For the suprised
For the sacrifies
For the Glorious moment
Thank you!!