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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PIKOM PC Fair 2009

KLCC Suria after work

PIKOM PC Fair finally ended after three days of persuading and introducing products to different types of consumers. First day of PC Fair, also my first day of my first time working in PC Fair, thoroughly tired, extraordinary exhausting. My leg, especially my heel is very pain as the whole body weight is pushing downward my heel for over 10 hours after deducting my meal time. Time goes very very slow, a minute as if an hour for me. After reach home, everyone waiting impatiently for the turn to take bath and rush to bed. Second day, saturday, a busy day for all the exhibitors, a free day for everyone in the cities or for those from far away. Time flies this day, just in a time of a blink, clock strike 4, and i just realised i have not taken my lunch. Sales really good even though i am just in charge for card reader. Maybe of moving here and there, non stop promoting, i didn't feel any of the pain on my heel and also my leg. But, it also consider a tiring day for me. Third day, people double up compare to second day. Badges and badges of people non stop coming in, really feel nice to have the feeling when have no enough time to explain or promote. A great experience anyway, might have lots of chances in future in working in the fair. Even the salary is not up to my expectation but as long as we work together in a gang, back home together in a gang, that is more than enough. Even the salary is less we still feel worthy as we gain friendship..

Below are some photos we took during this PC Fair>>>

Night before PC Fair- PJ19 Food Planet

Bobo's double wantan mee

Sign board in LRT

Orang Kurang Upaya, The 4 OKUs

After PC Fair...

Mickey's best friend

But only for 2-6 children

KLCC Twin Tower Shot

First take

Second take

Third take

Forth take

The Twin Tower after rain

Grand meal after PC Fair-Food Planet PJ19

Pork leg rice

Bah Kut Teh


It seems to have great meal right? This is because we only eat bun as our dinner for the past three days. Suffering le...But we enjoyed....


aries_gal said...

what do you work as and for which company in PC fair?