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Monday, February 2, 2009

5 to go...

My final examination for semester two have been start off this morning. In a glimpse, one paper is done. But, this paper might be the easiest among all the subject so there is still lots of struggles in the coming week until the last paper is done. Friends, stay tough, just 8 more days to go. Conquer the paper well, strike your best. All the best and Good luck!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

5th day

I woke up very early and set off to 青山with my friends. Praying for good health, good result, all the best in everything, we also went there for the breakfast they prepared. Ever since the first time i taste until now, the taste is still remain the same. Below are some of the photo i took,

Before i went to the airport, i managed to taste the food that i always wanted to, Kueh Chap and Tomato Mee. After that, i got the leave my homeland, Kuching for the final examination. That's is all about my day 5.

kueh Chap

Tomato mee


After leaving Jane's house, i went to The Office. My friends were showing unhappy face as they had been waiting me for so long. Sorry ya.. i enjoyed very much with the gang, my buddy, my brother. They worry i maybe drunk, they purposely followed my back until i reached home safely. HAiz.. they seriously under estimated me lo.. But anyway, thanks.

The boys...
another shot..
my brudder...
hak and Su ee
ah boy and su ee
maggie and boy
mags and me
su ee and me

4th day

Nothing special for today actually, spending time to visit few of my teachers. Seriously, the rainy weather spoilt my mood. My cousin from taiwan arrived at Kuching at the morning so during night time will have a steamboat dinner AGAIN. After the dinner, my swimming gang come in sudden to visit me, a great suprised. I quite happy with that. Chit chating, time strike 9.30pm, every family depart back to their home as everyone was exhausted. 

After that, i met up my friends Sang and we make the last visit to Jane's house. We had a nice time there, chit chat with the family, laughing, joking, flashing back the past. Finally we came to a fullstop. We went back home as it is getting late. Moreover i got my second destination to go where my gang is waiting for me. Ha Ha.. insufficient time

3rd day

Third day actually can consider as friends day. The whole day, travelled 112 km just for friends. Worth?? Yes, absolutely worth. 11am, i went to my uncle house for the meal as he had an open house. Then i met up with my friends. From the first station with 9 cars, then slowly reduced and reduced until the last station left one car. As everyone was rushing home in the evening so they make a move. These had finished up my day 3. Got to wait until the day 3 of 2010 CNY. A tiring driving day.

2nd day

Today my family will be going to my grandma house as 初二=回娘家. So 11am, we set off to my grandma place. I don't know why i am so impatient and wanted to arrive as fast as i could. My feeling was so happy. After having a reunion lunch, every of the family took their own family photo and finally a group photo. Below are the photo of the day. 

The nose digger

Do we look alike??
Grandchildren of Lord Baden Powell
The senior citizen
My eldest sister
All the Cucu
Another view
My sibilings
Yucks...!! Red colour...
The innocent boy..
The ang pao lady...
Table no.2 
Baby Emelia

After photo session, all the grandchildren set off the the temple to pray my grandpa.
Steamboat were proposed as the dinner so everyone gathered at the night for the meal. 

1st day of OX year

Every year as usual, Lion Dance will be performing at my house. This year they arrived quite late due to rainy day. So, before going out for my first visiting, i managed to watch the performance. After that we set off to few of the scout's house for visiting. Chit chating, laughing, without noticing, the day is getting late. Time really go fast when fun is there. Months after the glory moment, finally i touches the real challenge trophy. 
Nothing special for today. That's all for my first day. 

Reunion Dinner

This was the moment i waited for long long long time. Ever since the christmas is over, this moment had be coming nearer and nearer to me and i, was waiting impatiently for this night. Gourmet of foods had been prepared for reunion dinner. 7 sharp, all of us, sat down, holding the cutlery with the salary dripping waiting for my grandma to start off. Once my grandma took in the first mouth, everyone started off with their eating marathon. First round, second round, third round and somemore forth round coming until everyone sat down on the sofa with the same action, rubbing on the round and fully filled stomach.

Steamed Fish


Fried Bee Hoon

Herbs chicken

Roasted pig

Praying the ancestor

 Twelve sharp, the fire cracker was lighted and the surrounding was banging with all types of fireworks. The whole way was blur, saw nothing but only smoke everywhere. One by one, house by house, fireworks was just shooting up without ending, camera flashes were everywhere just to shot down the best picture as memory, so do i.10 minutes and 22 second pass 12am, our dearest RESPOSIBLE policeman, drove in the housing area, staring at all the residence and spoke out with one question:"Sudah cukup? I tanya u orang, sudah cukup? Masih ada?" Every sneeking the fireworks answering with smile:"Tak ada, tuan. Kita sudah cukup." WTF!!! One day if chinese lost their tradition of lighting the fireworks and fire crackers, everyone, point the finger to the police who is always SOOOOO RESPONSIBLE. Because of this, my chinese new year mood was spoilt.