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Friday, January 23, 2009

Will Be Back


Tomorrow i will be going back to my home, to my land, to the place i belongs to, to the place like no others, to the destination i have been waited for, to a habitat i come from. So i will not be updating my blog until the day i return to PJ. I guarantee you that i will bring you an interesting post about my celebration. Last but not least, i want to take this golden opportunity to wish all of you HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Especially for my best buddy, Pin Wei who is now located at a place far away from home, a land across the ocean, celebrating the CHINESE NEW YEAR so lonely. Brudder, hope you enjoy your chinese new year. Moreover to some of my friends who are now located mostly at Aussie, hope you enjoy your CHINESE NEW YEAR.

With love

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look Out Point

As Jack Wong had to go back and take cash and Jen Shen need to go for hair cut at Cheras so we follow him as companian. So after both of them done, we went to Konlo night marketIt is a very well known place in KL. It is the longest night market ever in Malaysia. I don't know the exact distance but i think approximate 1km gua. Very long. First time ever i walked until tired apart from scout hiking. Moreover the surronding is super hot and people squeezing, shoulders rud against each other. I bought nothing just taste the best Char Koay Tiao by the chef, Ah Lim
After that we called Zhi Hong and Ryan up for a drink at Look Out Point. This was the first time i step to that place. A very nice and romantic place, for gathering, for dating, for celebration, it is consider the best spot. Fascinating and marvellous view from the naked eyes as can view through the whole KL city. 

UNO makes the decision

Me-Sing K

Reno-INC gaming
Karen-Watch movie
Jared-Stay at home
Jen Shen-Play bowling
Ryan-Play pool

Those are the selection from everyone of us. So, due to the insufficient of time, we can only
 choose one as our relaxation, enjoyament and entertainment. First round started off, in less than 10 minutes time, i won the game. So, Sing K is selected but then due to the time interval 
problem and $$ problem, we are forced to change another one instead of Karoake. So i choose go a fast trip to Genting. But then, second round start off, UNFORTUNATELY, Ryan won the match. So, we got to choose to go play pool. 
When we reach there, we are cheated by Jen Shen and everyone attracted to the bowling court, so, no choice, got to play. Very luckily i didn't get the last rank in the name list. LULU got the last place..... HA HA... After that we went to play pool, guess who is the most noob person among the name list.... 
But this time he did show inprovement. So 'keep it up'. 
Below are show photo i took when walked pass the Garden. Not bad, pink colour as theme for the CHINESE NEW YEAR decoration.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coming back soon...

A place like no others... 

In few days time, i am going back to my home town, KUCHING. To gather, to reunion, to dinner, with my dearest family. This day might be already happen to those that already back to hometown but to those who is still away from home, don't worry, the day is coming soon, very soon. This saturday i will be staying at my home sweet home, enjoying my KOLO MEE, Tomato Mee, Laksa. Seriously KUCHING is a special place like no others.
Kolo Mee
Tomato Mee
Laksa Sarawak
The landmark of Kuching

Chinese New Year is coming to town...

Christmas had just passed. What is all of us waiting now is Chinese grand celebration, The CHINESE NEW YEAR. Everywhere in the town, every single corner, is fully decorated with red colour stuff to represent the spirit of welcoming the CHINESE NEW YEAR. Songs playing without stopping, consumers buy also without stopping, ATM functioning also without stopping, TAUKE earn also without stopping. Everyone is activating themselve non-stop just because of CHINESE NEW YEAR. Aunties those who are at home also non-stop cleaning the house, painting and washing. Little kids holding the new clothes waiting the arrival of CHINESE NEW YEAR. Student like me, who is now facing financial critical after a extreme shopping is waiting for the red packet as an extra income. Reader, don't laugh, i mean you also, waiting for money to spend, right? I mean chinese reader ONLY. Below are some picture i took when i went to shopping.

The first step into IT in my UNI life

What actually does the word 'IT' refers to? IT refers to karoake. Yes this was my first time i went into a karoake at KL since i enter university. With the persuading power of my friends, at last i went with them. This was a nice and wonderful time going on with them. Jokes, laugh, sound and voice cover the whole room bringing the time through very fast. 3 hours, really very fast. Fun time always passed by without any notice. From 1pm i started to sing till 4pm. The microphone keep passing and when the song start, the mic is always with me. Except the cantonese song, the rest i think i do take part. The rest really just play and eat. Especially Uncle Neoh, just keep eating without any fullstop. All of voice is just like crow singing but we don't mind and still enjoy the wonderful time.

leftover before the karoake session..

I'm back!

The star of the year... cow......

A long time, a long gap i've not been updating my blog as my labtop is kinda sick. So yesterday, it recovered so today i managed to upload my photo all to the labtop and can continue my blog with pictures aid cooperate with words. 
That day, my gang and i went to shopping just few days ago as everyone of us haven't started with our Chinese New Year shopping yet. We went all the way to IMBI, walked from Times Square to Sungei Wang and all the way back to Times Square again. Plastic bag adding in hand as we walked into shop by shop. We enjoyed the time together as really a very little time we can wander together. We snapped some pictures with the set up decoration for welcoming the Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Recently my computer occurred some problem so i think the post will be bored as i can't upload photo into my blog. So i think everything have to wait until i solve this sickness. Sorry for the boring post that without the photo.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chinese New Year..

Sorry friends, i am busy with my new clothes recently until i have no time to update my blog. Recently day out i only get few items in return even though i spend lots of time. Every mall is filled up with people. Everyone is carrying a handfull of costumes but i only one plastic bag. I am not the type of chossy person but i really no idea why others can get many stuffs but i can't. This weekend got to finish all my shopping list item so that i can start my study well before flying back to hometown for chinese grand festival. Shopping not only to concentrate on clothes, girls, guys, but to also feel the environment whereby everyone is full of excitement as the CNY is closing by. The mall is nicely decorated with red colour stuff which means bringing in luck and MONEY.. HA HA. For those people who haven't finish shopping better be fast before good stuff is out of order. For Kuching people, see you guys in Kuching.


It had been years didn't hear that my house is flood. No raining, no tunder, no storm, but flood is fully blanketed most of the parts in Kuching. Day by day until this coming wednesday, the water level will keep rising due to the extreme high tide. Today is just the first day, everywhere is covered with water. In the coming two days, i wonder how will the life is Kuching citizen going to suffer through this disaster. For those Kuching people, it might be a good idea to call back home for a concern on their situation now. May GOD bless all of you... Hope the situation wont be double up to a more critical stage.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Steven's Tea Garden

A new branch of Steven's corner had been operated at mid valley. The shop is well decorated and nice environment for tea break or meals. The food is almost the same as the original Steven's corner but the price is far apart different. As located as such a well known shopping mall so the price is for sure expensive than more than you and i expected. That day after movie, we went for dinner there. Feel very special that the price is all ended with .88 cents. I think it's a good idea to take a seat and have a try on the food there. 

Thinking of the food......and beverages...
Menu front cover
The menu..
The mutton curry rice...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day without NICHOLAS....

Today is a very different and happy day for everyone, include all my fellow friends and lecturer. Yes, today is the last day for practical but doesn't mean we are happy for that but we are happy because we all spend through the time and session without the distraction and interfere of NICHOLAS. We enjoyed the time, carrying out the experiment with plenty of jokes, craps and bullshit. Even Miss Wong also spend through the last practical with TD2 peaceful without any fire burning in the heart. We got back our practical marks and compile all the coursework and reports. I only got 38++ over 50. So i think i got to put in more effort and hardwork + midnight oil in order to score better in the final. Very coincidently, the barred list is out. WOAH!!!! Hyper happy. Do you all know why? Because according to MASTER NICHOLAS TEH YEW LIANG, he is going to CURSE all the classmate the sign the demotion list to failed their exam and got barred from exam. He also got 6.0 for the practical report. So i think the CURSE is back to him. But i think his mission is failed at last. Bah kata perpatah, setinggi-tingginya tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga. 
However, without the blessing of GOD, Chew Kah Hong is barred for Writing For Science. According to Miss Wong, the barred list students are not valid to appel for the test. But i hope Kah Hong can make it to sit for the exam.
After the practical session, we went to OLD TOWN for lunch and chit chat. Due to some reason we seperated into 2 groups. I-Jing, Alex, Johnson and YH sat inside whereas the other sat outside. But anyhow, we still managed to enjoy ourselve very well. 
1 o'clock sharp, the time, the moment of our nightmare, Master is here. We kept in silent knowing that no more gossiping and commenting is allowed anymore. So we just let it to count as a day. 
But i stil have to say THANK YOU MISS WONG!!!